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Raisin Toast Old Fashioned By , Ingredients: - Brown Butter-Washed Bourbon - Toasted Raisin Demerara Gomme Syrup Instructions: 1. Brown Butter-Washed Makers 46 Bourbon - Brown 250g unsalted butter. Combine browned butter to 750ml Makers 46 Bourbon (or equivalently wheated bourbon) in a large-mouthed jar. Rest at room temperature for 1 hour, agitating occasionally for the first 30 minutes. Place in freezer for 2 hours. Once butter has solidified, drain infused bourbon out and strain through four layers of cheese cloth. Bottle. 2. Toasted Raisin Demerara Gomme Syrup - Combine 300g demerara sugar, 150g water, 18g gomme arabic, and 150g toasted raisins in a heat-proof bag. Sous vide at 63° for two hours. Place bag in ice bath for ten minutes before straining. Bottle and store - refrigerated - for up to three weeks.